Convert your Windows Vista desktop into a cube




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New computers and the possibilities offered by their new graphics cards allow you to enjoy all sorts of new and useful features on your computer that are intended to revolutionize the way you use your PC.

CubeDesktop is a free application for Windows Vista that lets you enjoy the impressive desktop cube effect, which has become famous since it was introduced by Compiz on the GNU / Linux operating systems.

Not only can you enjoy the cube, but you can also add extra features and effects to make it even more attractive, if that were even possible.

Along with the “cube” feature is the chance to use the “window exposer” option. This shows all of the windows that are currently active on screen at once in a similar way to Flip 3D on Windows Vista Aero .

All this makes Cubedesktop an ideal addition for using Windows Vista.

Only works with Windows Vista.


1 hour free trial

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